Simple and Powerful Front-End Capture Software

PaperStream Capture Pro is a simple, yet powerful front-end capture software that efficiently processes documents by offering seamless, high-quality front-end capture, image enhancement and organized, indexed and extracted data for release. PaperStream Capture Pro can help organizations optimize important data, improve business efficiencies and increase productivity.

Key Differentiators

PaperStream Capture Pro offers many enhancements over basic capture software. These enhancements include:

  • Captures paper batches or imports from file
  • Document separation using Zonal OCR
  • PaperStream IP is applied to images during scanning, during import* and after scan
  • Extracts and indexes using more advanced methods including OCR
  • A separate data QC / Index module is available**

Key Features

High-Quality Capture

Using PaperStream Capture Pro, organizations can quickly scan paper batches or import digital documents*. The Import feature provides a way to bring digital documents into the capture workflow from a multi-function device, a third-party scanner or a back-file of existing images.

Best-In-Class Image Processing

PaperStream Capture Pro utilizes the Fujitsu industry recognized image cleanup tool, PaperStream IP. With PaperStream IP, the scanned documents will be quickly and radically cleaned up for more accurate processing downstream. Unique to PaperStream Capture Pro, the image processing function can be performed during scan, during import*, or after scan.

Document Separation

Increase operational efficiency while reducing manual errors using PaperStream Capture Pro’s page separation methods including:

  • Basic Zonal OCR
  • Fixed Page
  • Blank Page
  • Barcode
  • Patch Code

Data Extraction

Rapidly capture critical data, validate and confirm data using various extraction techniques and fields including:

  • Manual – Key From Image (KFI)
  • Zonal OCR - Machine Print (20 zones)
  • Rubberband OCR for ad-hoc
  • Barcodes (up to 20)

Document and Data Validation

To quickly verify accuracy, a separate QC/ Index license is available and performs validation through multiple methods:

  • Regular Expression Validation
  • Required Fields
  • Read-Only Fields
  • Database Lookup
  • Character Masking
  • Database Lookup
  • System Data


Reduce the number of clicks to save files:

  • Releases images to TIF, JPEG, PDF, searchable PDF
  • Releases data as XML, CSV, TXT, CMIS
  • Releases to a folder, network folder, or FTP
  • Releases to SharePoint

Licenses and Purchasing

PaperStream Capture Pro is cost-effective and easy to purchase:

  • No cost per click or by volume
  • Save 25% - Purchase the Deluxe Bundle which includes (1) PaperStream Capture Pro Workgroup License plus (1) Fujitsu fi-7160 Document Scanner
  • The software is also available to purchase at
  • Separate QC / Index and Import licenses are available to provide flexibility with distributed scanning

Supported Languages

English, Spanish, and French

Why Choose Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc. (FCPA)

FCPA is an established leader in the Document Imaging industry and is the U.S. market leader in the scanner category¹. By leveraging the technology, knowledge and experience gained through millions of customer installations, FCPA has designed capture and document processing software with the customer’s needs in mind. How customers utilize their capture solutions in real world situations is what drives Fujitsu engineers to develop user-friendly, highly flexible and efficient capture software products. Additionally, FCPA is dedicated to providing industry-leading technical support and customer service.

¹ InfoTrends North American Document Imaging Scanner Market Forecast: Full Year 2014, May 2015


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